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We turned to Harding Design & Construction because our home was always hot in the summer and cold in the winter, we wanted a greener home, and most importantly, we wanted our home to be safe. We had heard of home carbon monoxide problems and had recently purchased a carbon monoxide sensor, but we still had no idea if our home was safe.

After talking with Wes, we agreed to an energy audit of our home and we couldn't believe what he found. During the audit Wes and his associate discovered we had a cracked heat exchanger in the floor furnace that potentially could have killed us. He also discovered our stove was emitting a lot of carbon monoxide whenever we cooked. Wes immediately spoke with us about how we should deal with our carbon monoxide problems and suggested improvements that made sense.


After the energy audit, looking over the potential rebates and weighing the most cost-effective improvements, we decided to install an oven hood over our stove, replace the floor furnace with a forced air furnace, add wall, attic, and floor insulation, and install a high efficiency water heater. We also hired them to re-stucco our home and remove our insulation in our attic that contained formaldehyde. We had a couple of issues with the stucco work and the color uniformity, but once we brought this to Wes's attention he worked hard to get it right for us.

From the beginning, Wes estimated we would increase the performance of our home by 37%, but in the end we were able to obtain more than 40% increased home performance and certify our home green with a GreenPoint Rated certificate from Build It Green. Our home is now much more comfortable, energy efficient, and green. We plan to use Wes's expertise in the future for our rain water harvesting system and highly recommend him for your construction needs.

The Orozcos
Los Altos, Long Beach, CA


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