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Before you start your next remodeling project contact us to help you with Aging-In-Place Design and Construction strategies so you can live in your home safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of your age or ability level.

Why plan or pay for a nursing home when you can just make your house work for you? It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, short or tall, healthy or ill, now is the time to plan for the future.

There are many custom home improvements that will fit you and your family as time goes by. Simple well designed upgrades can be elegant, improve functionality, provide lower maintenance, increase the value of your home, and will meet your demands as your needs change. Once some of the changes are completed you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

  • No-step entry. Typically a ramp that is placed off to the side of your home, in a garage that is connected to the home, or located at a back door as to not detract from the curb appeal.

  • Exterior door thresholds that are flush with floor make it easy for a wheel chair to get through a doorway and keep others from tripping.

  • Single-story living. Places to eat, use the bathroom, and sleep – all barrier free and all on one level.

  • Wider doorways and hallways. Doorways that are 32”-36” wide and hallways 36”– 42” wide to allow wheel chairs to easily pass through and easily bring larger items in and out of the home.

  • Open floor plan and extra floor space. Everyone feels less cramped, the home feels bigger, and wheel chairs have more space to turn.

  • bathroom handrails smGood lighting helps with poor vision and helps everyone see well.

  • Lever door handles and rocker light switches are great for people with poor hand strength or if you are carrying a bag of groceries.

  • Attractive handrails and grab bars at steps, porches, and bathrooms provide the extra support to keep balance and prevent falling.

  • Raised dishwasher and laundry appliances help avoid having to bend over and back strain.

  • Shelving near a front door creates a place for items to be set down without having to bend fully over.

  • Seating in a shower and lower shower controls with multiple heads make for a safe and functional environment no matter if you are standing or sitting.

  • Smart home technology allows easy accessibility from your cellphone or tablet to adjust lighting, see visitors at your front door or who’s in your backyard or alley, measure your blood pressure, use your television, and adjust your heating or air conditioning.

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