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Our interior design service is extremely important because it provides the whole picture and a complete plan for your project. It ensures your project is completed on time and prevents costly delays and having to make haphazard choices on the fly.

We Explore a Variety of Interior Design Options and Help You Make the Right Choices
During the interior design process we meet face-to-face and explore options to create an ADU that is well suited to living in a small home and provides the charm, character, and the attention to detail you need.

Your ADU will be warm and inviting, easy to use, and easy to maintain because our skilled team’s methods of working as a design-build team results in a cohesive design that balances sensible use of space, flair for color, and textures that will meet your goals.


Interior Design Packages that Balance Cost and Aesthetics

design swatchesUnique and Timeless Design Options that Fit You and Your Family

We offer 4 levels of interior design packages: Entry level, Middle of the road, Upper level, and Luxury.

All the design packages include a hands-on approach with options that make sense for you, your budget, and home. By no means are the packages rigid or set in stone; you have the option to splurge on one thing and lower costs on another to arrive at a design and a budget you are comfortable with.

All our design packages include concept boards and design specifications which are incorporated into the building plans and create a roadmap for a successful building project.

4 Interior Design Packages to Choose From

  1. lamps chairsThe “entry level” interior design package is used for a cost driven, affordable ADU that is often intended to be used as a rental with inexpensive but durable finishes such as:
    • Modular cabinetry
    • Carpet, linoleum, and laminate flooring
    • Formica or butcher block countertops
    • Acrylic bathtub or shower
    •Chrome fixtures

  2. kitchen medThe “Medium Level” interior design package is often utilized where the housing market can support higher rents. This package is a step up from the entry level and can include cost effective choices such as
    • Tile or laminate floors and quartz or stone countertops
    • Paint grade cabinetry
    • Cast iron tub or shower pan
    • Shower glass doors
    • Tiled walls
    • Brushed nickel fixtures
    • Cost effective paint grade moldings and trim
    • Tiled kitchen backsplash

  3. bathroom 15The “Upper Level” interior design package is often used for our clients who plan to live in the granny flat or have a family member live with them. This package is a step up from the medium level and often includes:
    • Specialty tile throughout the bathroom
    • Wood or cork flooring
    • Porcelain, quartz and stone countertops
    • Custom stain grade cabinetry
    • Decorative wood moldings and trim accents
    • Specialty tile as a kitchen backsplash

  4. The “luxury level” is most often used for our building projects that you or your loved ones will live in and if you’re looking for the best of the best. The luxury package includes fully custom design selections.


Regardless of the Level You Choose, We Provide the Same Level of Craftsmanship and Customer Service


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