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Specialty Trades

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Having just bought a condo in Long Beach in December 2011, I decided to do some remodeling. I came across Wes at Harding Construction & Sustainable Solutions when I noticed his ad in the Grunion Gazette for energy efficient upgrades. Wes responded to my email with a phone call, which I thought was a nice touch. After chatting for a bit, we set up a time to meet. Even though I have a small condo, it was really cool that Wes invested the time to walk me through some basic things I could do to help maximize my energy consumption. The end result of this first meeting didn't really translate to any major business for Wes; however, a few months later, I remembered him when I needed someone to help finish my back-splash. He quoted me a very fair price and one of his employees, Jeff, was able to complete my back-splash in one day. Wes took the time to come over after the work was completed and made sure I was completely satisfied. I told him I already referred him to a few other people in my building who were looking to have work done. Contractors are a dime a dozen. However, customer service and quality of work is not always easy to find.
Ryan and Gina Taylor
Bluff Heights, Long Beach, CA


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